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I have an extremely wide range of moulding to choose from, sourced from France, Italy and Switzerland. Traditional decorative mouldings and contemporary minimalist options are available alongside finishes of every colour, deep box-frame mouldings and a selection of aluminium edgings to give you an unprecedented choice.

A wide selection of tray frame mouldings are also available for artworks like stretched paintings on canvas that would be best framed without glazing.

At the heart of the collection is an extensive choice of beautiful natural wood mouldings that can be stained, sealed, painted and waxed. All of these woods come from accredited renewable and sustainable sources.


Wherever possible, I am committed, to only using the highest quality board for mounts. The use of acid and solvent free conservation level materials can preserve an artwork in excess of 20 years.

Artwork can be simply window or float mounted depending on the nature and style of the artwork. Many other types of mounting are available including deep bevel mounts, raised float mounts, multiple aperture mounts, double mounts as well as oval and decorative mount finishes.

Most importantly we can advise about the aesthetics of mounting artwork, the kind of space that a picture needs to feel in proportion and what type of mount and colours work best for each individual artwork.


It is in the choice of glazing that can produces the greatest variable in both effect and cost.

I can offer a selection of different options ranging from a standard 2mm glass to conservation glass that eliminates harmful UV rays to an anti-reflective option that gives almost perfect clarity.

Large artworks over a certain size may have to be glazed with cast acrylic to help with the safety, weight and easy of transportation.

Back of the Frame

The front of a framed artwork is what most people will see but it is important to make sure the frame is sealed and finished properly with an appropriate hanging system.

Most of my frames will be sealed with gummed paper tape. This not only looks smart but keeps the pins in place and prevents any dust getting into the frame. Larger frames may need an additional sub-frame as support.

There are many ways of hanging a picture once it is framed. D-rings and cord is the most obvious choice but there are also strap hangers, mirror plates, security fittings, cleats and split battens among others to consider. We will guide you through the suitable options.


Picture conservation, restoration and repair is also a service I am pleased to offer. It is an extremely technical field and not one in which I am personally trained, however I work with two highly qualified and experienced conservators in Aix-en-Provence and Nice depending on what kind of picture or frame restoration is required.

Fine art restoration is an extremely specialised field so please do not hesitate to ask for advice if you have an artwork that requires repairing.


I am also happy to create framed mirrors to the size of your choosing. You can pick from hundreds of moulding to design a mirror that perfectly suits the situation.

Bevelled edges are available but would require a little more cost and time.


A framed artwork is not complete until it is hung safely and correctly on the wall.

If you require help sighting and hanging an artwork, please do ask as this is an area in which I have extensive experience. All installation work is on top of the framing and will be charged by the hour.